An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure


Lifestyle is about the overall way we live.  It refers to the daily, pervasive behavior patterns and decisions that over time impact to our ability to be at our best; mentally, emotionally and physically. Here are a few of the things that identify a “Health-Wise” lifestyle;

Focus on preserving health.

This means that decisions are made based on what is best for our well-being (and the well-being of our children); not on what is the fastest, most convenient, most economical, tastes the best or makes the most money.  Preserving health becomes the screen through which options are filtered and decisions are made.

Being proactive.

A healthy lifestyle is one in which we are intentional about activities that promote health. A good example of this are families that build physical activity into their schedules.  Knowing that moving more is better than moving less – for our bodies, our minds and our emotions; they make it a point to do it.  A healthy lifestyle is one in which self-care is prioritized and proactive.

Personal responsibility.  

We live with a disease-care culture of medicine where the status quo is to abdicate health decisions to a medical expert.  Operating out of a wellness mindset means that we must take responsibility for preserving our health, making intentional decisions and acting on them.  When something seems out of balance it is important to trust what we know and respond before disease sets in.

A willingness to change.  

All too often we hear stories of people facing chronic degenerative disease who are not willing to change their lifestyle; not willing to quit smoking, change the way they eat, learn to say no or whatever is needed to have a healthier life.  Wellness requires that we are willing to do the work of change.

A holistic mindset. 

A healthy lifestyle invites us to move away from a segmented approach to health and learn to recognize the ways that our thoughts, feelings, bodies, experiences and relationships affect each other and our overall well-being.  The importance of this cannot be overemphasized.


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